Mold Remediation: Finding the Root Cause of Mold in Your Home

Mold growth is a very common problem in New Jersey. Moisture and humidity combined with many hard-to-reach, dark and cramped spaces in your home give mold spores plenty of areas to thrive and grow. For A-Top Roofing & Construction, mold remediation, inspection, and removal services are in increasing demand from our customers. Our main objective is to remove the mold in your home, wherever it may grow. This includes attic spaces, crawl spaces, basement areas, and even the kitchen or bedrooms.

The process of finding these affected areas and safely removing the mold is our top priority.

Common Areas Where Mold Can Grow

Any kind of leak in your basement makes it a perfect place for mold to grow. A thorough inspection to find the source of the leak is the first step. Water can be originating from just about anywhere, but generally mold will be growing close to the source of the leak, as that is where moisture will be present.

Attic mold can go undetected for years, and can be a major problem as it can easily spread through the rest of the home if left unchecked. Check the attic floor boards and roof supports, as they are problem areas that need to be addressed quickly before the mold takes hold.

If your home has crawl spaces, the dirt and natural soil present hold moisture and are opportune areas for mold to thrive, especially during rainy seasons.

Steps to Remove and Remediate Mold in Your Home

Inspection: A thorough inspection of the home is the first step in the mold remediation process. A-Top’s team of remediation specialists can locate the problem and find the root cause. A-Top will test the mold to determine its type and aggressiveness, and give the homeowner feedback on removing the mold.

Removal: Our team of specialists will remove the mold from affected areas with professional cleaners to safely and quickly eat away the mold. Different situation require different solvents and cleaners, and the professionals at A-Top Roofing & Construction will ensure the appropriate methods are used for each individual case.

Restoration & Reconstruction: Once A-Top has addressed the affected areas and removed the mold, our team will restore your home to its original condition, including replacing sheetrock, floors, walls, or ceilings. We will do everything in our power to not disturb unaffected areas of your home.

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