Metal Roofing

Stand Seam Metal Roofing for Residential and Commercial Applications


Restore your home for long life with a standing metal seam roof or porch. A-Top Roofing and Construction is your full source metal roofing supplier and installer for Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex County.



Proper installation methods by A-Top Roofing and Construction include, all asphalt shingles are removed before the installation to prevent and avoid the “telegraphing effect” where horizontally installed shingles punch through the vertical sheet metal roofing panels, causing dents that cannot be fixed or removed. Also, since most standing seam roofs installed are made from steel, the granular surface of asphalt shingles will rub against the underside of metal roofing panels, and thus will likely scratch through the paint and galvanized layer, which will cause metal panels to rust from underneath.


If you have chimneys, skylights, and dormers on your roof, we recommend you leave this task to a seasoned professional installer Like A-Top Roofing and Construction. Costly mistakes when installing metal flashing and improperly installed metal flashing could cause premature roof leaks and require expensive repairs down the road.



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