Cleaning Your Gutters This Fall – 4 Important Tips

While the leaves are at peak color and falling rapidly, it is vitally important to maintain your gutters before the winter season arrives. Gutters are play a vital role in maintaining both the overall health of your roof, as well as your home. Cleaning your gutters and having them free of debris ensures that any water collected will flow properly away from your home (and not end up in your basement!).

At A-Top Roofing, we advise our customers to wait until all the leaves have fallen, then we can clean their gutters thoroughly before Winter.

Andrew Ferrara – President, A-Top Roofing

As your local roofing experts, we thought it best to provide you with a few tips to follow when cleaning your gutters this Fall:

  1. Leaves are Falling: How clogged your gutters will be is largely dependent on how many trees you have surrounding your home. Clearing overhanging branches and twigs away from your roof should be part of the regular maintenance of your home and roof.
  2. Rain, Rain, Go Away: When your gutters are full and a heavy rainstorm hits, your gutters will become filled with soggy leaves making proper water flow and drainage impossible. When your gutters eventually overflow, the excess water can damage the siding, fascia, and soffits of your home, as well as cause significant damage to your basement and foundation.
  3. Attracting Pesky Critters: While the wet leaves and debris building up in your gutters may be invisible to you, all kinds of critters and pests definitely know its there. The decaying leaves attract mosquitoes, termites, ants, squirrels, mice, and even birds. Pests could then find away into your home, starting with your roof and attic. The only way to ensure critters do not occupy your gutters is to thoroughly clean them.
  4. Winter Snow & Ice: When the snow and ice storms of winter arrive, any remaining leaves and debris in your gutters can cause serious problems if ignored. Each subsequent rain and snow storm will leave excess water trapped, with no place to go. This can cause gutter sagging and ice dams, two concerns that can cause long term damage and lead to costly repairs in the future.
Cleaning your gutters is a good way to prevent ice dams from forming.

A-Top Roofing Offers Expert Gutter Cleaning and Repair Services. To schedule a thorough cleaning and inspection, click here! Staying on top of your gutter maintenance is vital to the long term health and care of your home.

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