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A-Top Roofing Showcases Our New Project Map – I Bet We Did Your Neighbor’s Roof!

A-Top Roofing and Construction has a long-standing reputation for quality worksmanship and outstanding service. Since 1986, we have been providing roof replacements in the nearby hometowns of Freehold, Howell, Manalapan, Marlboro, Englishtown and a dozen other towns in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex County.

We are proud to showcase the newest addition to our website: an interactive project map showing A-Top’s full body of work over the last three decades. Get a close-up view of each town, neighborhood, or street, giving you a window into just how many roofs we have completed (literally thousands). As we filled in the map over the last few months, our recent billboard slogan kept coming to mind over and over again, “I bet we did your neighbor’s roof…”

This new addition to our website also provides a place to learn about our past clients and what they have said about us over the years, including almost a dozen pages of reviews and testimonials that we have accrued. Take a look, you might recognize a few names from your community!

Check Out Our Project Map and Find Out Just How Many Roofs We’ve Done in Your Neighborhood!

We offer free estimates on all projects, so give us a call today at (732) 446-6341, or email us at Or just ask your neighbor how we did!

About A-Top Roofing & Construction

Located in Manalapan, NJ, A-Top Roofing and Construction has earned a reputation for beautifying homes throughout the Central Jersey area for over 30 years. We service Monmouth County, parts of Middlesex County and Northern Ocean County. Our full range of services include roofing, siding, gutters, windows, skylights and mold remediation.

Our award-winning staff and professionally trained installers will get the project done on time and on budget. We partner with brands you trust like GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Pella, Andersen, TimberTech and Azek which means extensive customer choice backed by the best warranties in the industry.

A-Top Roofing & Construction – Roofing is an Essential Service

At A-Top Roofing & Construction, the health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority. In response to the public health situation related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are diligently monitoring updates from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and medical professionals to ensure our customer’s health and safety is at the forefront as we continue to provide an essential service to the community.

A-Top Best Practices – Good Hygiene & Etiquette

Your professionals at A-Top Roofing & Construction are practicing the following preventative safely measures:

  • Cleaning hands often, with soap and water
  • Wearing Gloves and Masks (PPE)
  • Using hand sanitizer when available
  • Maintaining social distancing at least 6 feet apart.
  • Shift work in the office and working from home practices
  • Cleaning work surfaces often
  • Cleaning equipment and truck vehicle interiors and equipment between shifts

We Care! – Keeping our Customers Safe

  • Generating virtual quotes using specialized technology
  • Before entering customer’s property, we maintain safe distances
  • Avoiding contact when possible
  • Wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Addressing customers concerns regarding the virus and answer according to our company’s updated procedures.
  • Scheduling Roofing Services in advance to minimize personal contact
roofing is an essential service

A-Top Providing an Essential Service for over 30 Years!

  • Roof Replacement and Roof Repairs
  • Gutter Repair, Maintenance or Replacement Gutters
  • Metal Roofs and Skylights
  • Vinyl Siding and Replacement
  • Windows
  • Mold Remediation

A-Top Roofing & Construction Gives Back to the Community

Our reputation has grown over the last four decades. People have come to rely on A-Top Roofing & Construction for roofing services throughout Central New Jersey. We have seen our share of recessions and have the foresight and experience that we will ride this through.

We are in this together with you!

Located in Manalapan, NJ, A-Top Roofing and Construction has earned a reputation for beautifying homes throughout the Central Jersey area for over 30 years. We service Monmouth County, parts of Middlesex County and Northern Ocean County. Our full range of services include roofing, siding, gutters, windows, skylights and mold remediation.

Our award-winning staff and professionally trained installers will get the project done on time and on budget. We partner with brands you trust like GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Pella, Andersen, TimberTech and Azek which means extensive customer choice backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Call (732) 446-6341 to schedule a virtual appointment or fill out a form on our website!

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7 Ways to Prevent Roof Leaks – A Guide from the Roofing Professionals at A-Top

These Maintenance Tips will help you Prevent Roof Leaks and Prolong the Lifespan of your Roof

Roof leaks are one of the most common reasons homeowners call in a roofing professional for roof maintenance. Usually roof leaks are detected only after they have done moderate or considerable damage inside a home. This is what makes roof leaks one of the costliest issues for homeowners. At A-Top Roofing, we encourage customers to act preventively and be proactive in keeping their roof in a good shape by having regular inspections by the professionals.

Make Regular Roof Inspections a Top Priority

Finding the source of roof leaks can be a very tough task for a homeowner. They will rarely line up with the areas where you see water getting into your home, such as spots on your walls and ceilings, blisters, paint peeling, and similar issues.

It takes an experienced professional with a trained eye to detect the path of the water and locate the source of the leak before it spreads and turns into a bigger leak with serious and expensive consequences.

All major roof problems can be avoided with a comprehensive roof maintenance plan. The first step is to call your local roofer, set up a date, and have your roof professionally inspected.

Check Your Attic for Roof Leaks

There are certain areas that your roofer will advise you to pay attention to, and one of them will be the attic.

Therefore, before you start inspecting different aspects of your roof outside, make sure that there is nothing inside your home that may be causing leaks. The attic is probably the least obvious culprit of a roof leak and, therefore, is very often overlooked.

Attic ventilation should be the first thing you inspect. Make sure that the parts of the ventilation, such as the soffit vents, louvers or ridge vents, are never blocked as their blockage can lead to dangerous moisture and heat buildup.

This buildup can cause the insulation to soak and lose its functionality, the shingles to buckle, or the sheathing and rafters to rot. The intake vent can also sometimes be clogged, so try to inspect your entire ventilation system and clean it thoroughly.

Other signs of leaks and moisture buildup can be mold present in the attic, which can easily and quickly spread, as well as signs of algae on the interior plywood or black stains or rust around any of the nails in the attic and roof structure.

Click here to learn more about A-Top’s mold remediation services.

Inspecting your Roof’s Flashing

Your roof flashing is a common source of roof leaks. It refers to all the metal, or sometimes vinyl pieces of material that are used to connect the different parts of your roof, such as skylights, chimneys, vents, or the places where the wall and roof meet.

You should check for gaps or holes in the flashing and make sure that it is not loose, bent, or damaged in any way.

A-Top Roofing, with a trained and experienced eye, is much more likely to notice any issues with flashing, issues that may easily escape you. To be on the safe side, have a roofing expert take another look and inspect your roof.

Your Roof’s “Drip Edge”

Your roof’s drip edge has a very important function which keeps the water off the roof and away from the fascia. When inspecting this part, it is important to locate any damages and especially missing drip edges.

When a drip edge is missing, there will be a gap between the fascia board and the roof deck where the water can get in. The water can then cause the wood to rot as well as find its way into the interior walls and ceilings.

Apart from that, these gaps can also be entry points for different insects and other critters, which is an additional reason to make sure your drip edges are safely in place and functioning properly.

Maintain Your Gutter System

Gutters and downspouts are very important parts of a home and it’s roof system and play an integral part in preventing water damage and roof leaks.

They should be a part of your regular roof maintenance and inspection plan and be cleaned at least twice a year.

Gutters can get clogged by dirt, leaves, branches, twigs, pine needles, and any other outdoor debris that falls into them. This can happen more often if there are trees and bushes around your home, so you should make a habit of inspecting the gutters from time to time and schedule a professional annual cleaning to maximize their lifespan.

A roofing professional will inspect your gutter system, making sure it is clean so that the water can drain properly, as well as make sure that they are properly fastened, properly pitched, and secured to the home’s exterior.

Keep an Eye on Trees and Branches Close to Your Home  

Large trees that overhang your roof areas, as well as trees and bushes that are too close to your home, can pose certain risks to your home and your roof.

They can create shaded and damp areas allowing for moss and mold to grow, they can damage your roof if they are close enough to it, scratch the roofing material, and even puncture it or the windows during strong winds and storms. Apart from that, there will be more debris buildup in your gutters, increasing the chances of gutter clogs.

Trimming back these branches or removing a problematic tree altogether may increase the lifespan of your gutters and help prevent roof leaks in the long run.

Prevent Roof Leaks Before They Happen – Call Your Roofing Professionals!

Have your roof inspected regularly by A-Top Roofing and Construction to stay ahead of any trouble with roof leaks in the future. Call 732.446.6341 or click here!

For over 35 years, A-Top Roofing and Construction has led the industry with best practices, best products and award-winning service. For over 35 years, they have specialized in repairing roof leaks and roof maintenance plans.

Ice Dams : How They Form and How to Prevent Them

Icicles hanging along the edges of your gutters may look beautiful, but they spell trouble. That’s because the same conditions that form icicles —snow-covered roofs and freezing weather—also lead to ice dams: thick ridges of solid ice that build up along the eaves of your roof. Ice Dams can tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up and pour into your home. When that happens, it can cause a lot of headaches for homeowners: peeling paint, warped floors, stained and sagging ceilings. Not to mention soggy insulation in the attic, which becomes a magnet for mold and mildew.

How Do I Stop Ice Dams from Forming?

Getting rid of ice dams for good is simple, in principle: Just keep the entire roof the same temperature as the eaves. The process usually begins in your attic space by increasing ventilation, adding insulation, and sealing off every possible air leak that might warm the underside of the roof.

By addressing these common trouble areas, you should enjoy dam-free winters and use less energy to boot:

Ventilate Eaves And Ridge: A ridge vent paired with continuous soffit vents circulates cold air under the entire roof. Both ridge and soffit vents should have the same size openings and provide at least 1 square foot of opening for every 300 square feet of attic floor. Place baffles at the eaves to maintain a clear path for the airflow from the soffit vents.

Cap the Hatch: An unsealed attic hatch or whole-house fan is a massive opening for heat to escape. Cover them with weather-stripped caps made from foil-faced foam board held together with aluminum tape.

Exhaust to the Outside: Make sure that the ducts connected to the kitchen, bathroom, and dryer vents all lead outdoors through either the roof or walls, but never through the soffit.

Add Insulation: More insulation on the attic floor keeps the heat where it belongs. To find how much insulation your attic needs, check with your local building department.

Install Sealed Can Lights: Old-style recessed lights give off great plumes of heat and can’t be insulated without creating a fire hazard. Replace them with sealed “IC” fixtures, which can be covered with insulation.

Flash Around Chimneys: Bridge the gap between chimney and house framing with L-shaped steel flashing held in place with unbroken beads of a fire-stop sealant. Using canned spray foam or insulation isn’t fire safe.

Seal and Insulate Ducts: Spread fiber-reinforced mastic on the joints of HVAC ducts and exhaust ducts. Cover them entirely with R-5 or R-6 foil-faced fiberglass.

Caulk Penetrations: Seal around electrical cables and vent pipes with a fire-stop sealant. Also, look for any spots where light shines up from below or the insulation is stained black by the dirt from passing air.

Keep A-Top Roofing and Construction in mind for all of your roofing needs. We have over 30 years experience and service all parts of Central New Jersey. Our services include: residential and commercial roofing, gutters, skylights, flat and metal roofs, vinyl siding, soffits, facia, replacement doors and windows, decks, porches, columns and mold remediation.

Feel free to give us a call at (732) 446-6341 or find more information about our services on our website:

A-Top Roofing and Construction is conveniently located at 137 Freehold Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726. We are open daily from 9 AM – 4 PM, five days a week.

Mold Remediation: Finding the Root Cause of Mold in Your Home

Mold growth is a very common problem in New Jersey. Moisture and humidity combined with many hard-to-reach, dark and cramped spaces in your home give mold spores plenty of areas to thrive and grow. For A-Top Roofing & Construction, mold remediation, inspection, and removal services are in increasing demand from our customers. Our main objective is to remove the mold in your home, wherever it may grow. This includes attic spaces, crawl spaces, basement areas, and even the kitchen or bedrooms.

The process of finding these affected areas and safely removing the mold is our top priority.

Common Areas Where Mold Can Grow

Any kind of leak in your basement makes it a perfect place for mold to grow. A thorough inspection to find the source of the leak is the first step. Water can be originating from just about anywhere, but generally mold will be growing close to the source of the leak, as that is where moisture will be present.

Attic mold can go undetected for years, and can be a major problem as it can easily spread through the rest of the home if left unchecked. Check the attic floor boards and roof supports, as they are problem areas that need to be addressed quickly before the mold takes hold.

If your home has crawl spaces, the dirt and natural soil present hold moisture and are opportune areas for mold to thrive, especially during rainy seasons.

Steps to Remove and Remediate Mold in Your Home

Inspection: A thorough inspection of the home is the first step in the mold remediation process. A-Top’s team of remediation specialists can locate the problem and find the root cause. A-Top will test the mold to determine its type and aggressiveness, and give the homeowner feedback on removing the mold.

Removal: Our team of specialists will remove the mold from affected areas with professional cleaners to safely and quickly eat away the mold. Different situation require different solvents and cleaners, and the professionals at A-Top Roofing & Construction will ensure the appropriate methods are used for each individual case.

Restoration & Reconstruction: Once A-Top has addressed the affected areas and removed the mold, our team will restore your home to its original condition, including replacing sheetrock, floors, walls, or ceilings. We will do everything in our power to not disturb unaffected areas of your home.

Choose A-Top for Mold Remediation

  • Fast Service
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Complete Testing, Remediation, and Reconstruction
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Eco-friendly Products
  • Insurance Claims Accepted

Mold Remediation License #CMRC-79644

Mold Testing License #CMI-79450

Call (732) 446-6341 to schedule an appointment with A-Top Roofing & Construction, or contact us by filling out a form on our website.

The Buzz! What People are Saying About A-Top Roofing & Construction

Celebrating their 35th year in the roofing business, A-Top Roofing & Construction is a forward-thinking company with a core focus on customer satisfaction.

Google reviews are important for any growing company and A-Top Roofing & Construction, located in Manalapan, NJ, cares about each customer they serve.

Owner and President Andrew Ferrara often says, “If you think something is more important than the customer, think again”. And when care and professionalism are given by the company at the top levels, it translates directly to each employee with a core focus always being on the customer’s experience.

Sometimes our customer reviews involve taking care of customers and helping them problem-solve a mysterious leak.

Anthony from Manalapan writes:

 “I had heard from more than a couple of people that when it comes to roofing, A-Top is the best in the area. When I detected a small leak in my roof, I called A-Top. When Andrew came to my house, he checked m roof and informed me that the job was something I myself can handle. Andrew did not try to up sell me on an expensive repair. Thank you!”

Here is a small sampling of rave reviews from our happy customers

John R. from Freehold Township writes:

“A-Top Roofing was recommended to me by my sister. They did a great job for her. The owner, Andy, was pleasant, professional and he gave us great pricing and his expert knowledge. They completed my roof on time and my home is now looking great! I selected them because A-Top is a family owned business with over 30 years’ experience – great ratings, great work, great company and a solid reputation!”

Kristal M. from Marlboro writes:

“Couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently the roofing crew finished our large oddly shaped roof. I was expecting at least 2 days of banging- nope, they got it done in one day. Not only did they do a wonderful job on the roof, they also managed to do this without damaging any landscaping. I was fully prepared to lose some plants, but they managed to avoid them. Not sure how they did that but I was super impressed!”

Joanne S. from Manalapan writes:

“A-Top Roofing is by far the best roofing company around!!! Their professionalism shines through in every aspect of their job!!! Feels like you are dealing with family. Very honest! I recommend them highly. Very satisfied costumer! They are my one and only choice!”

Barbara F from Howell writes:

“This is the first time I have ever written a review for a contractor. I had a new roof put on my home in June 2019. The crew and equipment showed up at 7:00 AM sharp. They ensured all my landscaping was entirely covered. The job was finished in one day and everything was cleaned up. Two days later a new lower gutter was installed. From my personal experience in dealing with A-Top Roofing they did an amazing job from start to finish. All personnel I dealt with from Mark who scheduled the job, to Barry who was on site, Dan who was with the gutter installation, and Joan who was in the office were great. The new roof looks great. Thank you, Andrew.”

A common theme is customer happiness. Barbara F. testimonial covers the work performed by A-Top Roofing and Construction and she mentions each employee she spoke to and interacted with during her roofing project. We are excited to have been serving the local community as a well respected contractor and wish all the family’s we serve a happy and healthy New Year!

To learn more about A-Top Roofing and Construction, Click Here or call 732.446.6341.

Why I Choose A-Top Roofing & Construction for My Roof – A Testimonial

Your roof is not only something that protects your home, it also protects your family.  As a long time, resident of Monmouth County and having grown up in Manalapan, NJ, this story is near and dear to my heart.

As it happens with most homeowners, my roof and roofing started to fail over a slow period until, one day, we had a large storm roll through. The harsh elements of winter months and the rain-soaked spring seasons are typical of  Monmouth County, NJ and the Jersey Shore, and these large storms are not uncommon. It’s not long until the leaks start, and water begins to penetrate the home and it’s time for roof repairs or a roof replacement.

That is exactly what happened to me during a particularly nasty storm in the spring of 2017. The wind came and blew away a series of roof shingles on the rear of my home. I called a few places to see how much it would be to repair the roof, but the roofing material on my roof was too old. It was also a second roof, which meant the old roofing would need to be completely removed before a new roof could be put back into place.

My search began for a roofing company. I needed someone local and someone affordable. The first company sent a representative who was trying to sell me a roofing system; he was too high-pressure and very high priced. The second salesperson came and gave me a better price and toned down the sales talk once I explained how I was put off by the first roofing contractor.

Then it happened! When the third salesperson came to my front door, he actually knew my name. He told me he was the Owner of A-Top Roofing and we had attended Manalapan High School together. I invited Andrew Ferrara in and told him where I was in my roof shopping journey. Andy and I spoke, and he explained to me exactly what I needed and included the reasons why. He had a complete series of samples and showed my why it was important to choose a company that used the best roofing materials, was fully licensed and insured, and most importantly could get the job done in a single day.

Andy also carefully inspected the roof damage. He climbed into the attic, went up into the attic space above the garage area, and examined areas I didn’t think to look, like the flashing around the fireplace and the masonry that was failing on the chimney. His quote was much better than the others and was more thorough in covering (or uncovering) hidden damage as the project was in motion. Before I knew it I had a brand new roof, expertly installed and complete with the best warranties and guarantees in the industry.

I would recommend A-Top Roofing and Construction and their entire team of qualified experts and technicians to anyone. When I see the A-Top signs and trucks, I see a family owned, hard-working group of local hometown friends and neighbors who own a successful business, and are part of the community as well. I am proud to show off the work they did on my home! I love my new roof – it makes my home look great and, most importantly, protects my family too!

To find out more information about A-Top Roofing & Construction you can visit out website at, or feel free to give us a call at (732) 446-6341

Mold Remediation and Roof Replacement Go Hand in Hand

One of the first warning signs of a failing roof is water leaking down into the home. Water stains on the ceiling, walls, and floor are all a major indicator that it is time to replace your roof. Failing to do its job in properly protecting you from the elements, and old or damaged roof leaks water that can penetrate soffits, walls, basements, and wherever the path of least resistance leads. The spots where these leaks pool is a perfect atmosphere for mold to grow and thrive. Over time, the mold spreads into the walls and basement of your home, causing damage to not only the structure, but also posing a health risk to your family as well.

At A-Top Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves in repairing or replacing your roof, but often there is more work to be done. Mold remediation is one of the many services we provide, and it includes finding the source of the water, a thorough inspection and testing, containment and removal, and finally repairing the damaged areas.

Water damage is a major indicator of roof failure, and a sign that it may be time to inspect for the presence of mold in your home.

Water damage, if left unchecked, will build over time and create hidden havens for mold to spread. Finding a licensed professional with over 35 years of experience in discovering, testing, and remediating mold will ensure the problem will be solved the first time. A-Top Roofing and Construction has licenses in both testing (Remediation License #CMI -79450) and remediation (Remediation License #CMRC -79644).

5 Easy Steps to Remediation of Mold

  1. Contact our Hotline (732) 446-6341
  2. Inspection and testing the damaged areas
  3. Containment and Air Filtration
  4. Removing Infested Materials
  5. Restoration of Home

For more information about mold remediation, contact the experts at A-Top Roofing and Construction. Whether your problem is roof-related or rain-related, call for an evaluation today at (732) 446-6341, or visit the mold remediation page of our website by clicking here.

Brighten Your Life with Velux Skylights from A-Top Roofing & Construction

A-Top Roofing and Construction is partnering with Velux Skylights to brighten your home and your life! Our selection will enhance the style of any room or space in your home. We offer complete systems and accessories for any solution down to the finishing touches. You can now select from skylights, sun tunnels, and blinds in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose from various features, with many options to fit your budget.

Our Offerings from Velux Skylights

With a complete array of products from Velux, your choices are endless. Offerings from Velux include: Solar-Powered, Electric or Manual “Fresh Air” skylights, Fixed or Self-Flashed Skylights, Instant Light Shaft, Blinds, Roof Windows, Deck-Mounted Flashing Systems, Curb-Mounted Flashing Systems, Sun Tunnel Skylights, and Modular Skylights.

Sun Tunnels – Adding Natural Light through Innovation

Velux Sun Tunnels by A-Top Roofing and Construction are a new and innovative product that delivers brighter natural light and an easy installation process. Sun Tunnels are a great way to bring in light into areas of the home that cannot receive natural sunlight. Sun Tunnels offers natural light alternatives for many areas of your home.

Replacing Your Roof? Replace your Skylights!

A-Top Roofing and Construction specializes in replacing skylights during roof installations. If you have an older roof that needs to be replaced, it is a great time to update your skylights as well. With newer technology and a plethora of products from Velux, A-Top Roofing and Construction can help you beautify your home and brighten your life at the same time!

At A-Top Roofing and Construction, we measure our performance from your total and complete satisfaction. Our products are meant to enhance the value of your home and the enjoyment you have from living in your home. Have confidence in our award-winning service and installation services. Our full range of services include: roofing, siding, gutters, doors, windows, skylights, porches and mold remediation.

Feel free to give us a call at (732) 446-6341 or find more information about our services on our website:

Is it Time to Replace the Vinyl Siding on Your Home?

Your siding is a very crucial component of your home. Not only is it designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but it is also engineered to protect and insulate your home from the elements. Wind and rain from storms, as well as the heat of the summer and the chill of the winter, can impact the condition of your vinyl siding. Even the most well-maintained siding will eventually need to be replaced or repaired. It is important to inspect your siding often, especially at the end of a particularly harsh storm or season. Here are some things you should be looking out for that are clear indications that it may be time for new siding on your home.

Cracks, Gaps, and Holes in Your Siding

On top of being an eyesore, cracks and gaps can be especially harmful for your siding. They let in water and moisture, allowing mold and fungus to penetrate underneath the protective layer of siding. They can also compromise the structural integrity of the siding. It is not uncommon for a severe storm to damage one or two pieces of siding on your home. It is vital to replace the damaged pieces as soon as possible, as they will often lead to bigger concerns if left in place. If larger sections of the siding are cracked or damaged, it may indicate a larger problem and may be time to re-side the home.

It is also important to check for holes in your siding, as this usually indicates the presence of insects. These holes will let in water and moisture as well, and should be addressed immediately by calling an exterminator.

Is Your Siding Loose or Warped?

When inspecting your siding for damage, it is important to check it closely and from multiple angles. In particular, note any pieces or areas of siding that are no longer flat. Warped pieces or bulging areas of siding is a warning that there may be serious damage beneath your siding. If this is the case, do not hesitate in calling a professional to come and inspect the damage.

Soaring Energy Bills

Notice your energy bills going up month over month? Rising energy costs are problems usually associated with your roof or your attic, but if you have eliminated those two areas the next place to check is your siding. Shoddy installation or low-grade insulation could be culprit, and may need to be replaced. Your siding is meant to protect your home from the elements and keep your family safe and comfortable; if it is not doing its job, your wallet will notice!

Faded Siding

The color on your vinyl siding will only hold for so long, and even quality siding may start to fade after 8-10 years. If your siding is becoming faded, it is a sign that the waterproofing protection on the siding has reached the end of its lifespan.

Problems Can Penetrate to Your Home’s Interior

Issues caused  by damaged siding are not limited to your home’s exterior! Siding is meant to be a barrier for water and moisture; if they have penetrated underneath your siding then the interior walls of your home may be showing warning signs. If you notice peeling paint or loose wallpaper, then moisture may be building up in the wall underneath. Also, water and moisture can lead to mold and mildew inside your home. If you see any of these warning signs, the integrity of your siding may be compromised.

Again, it is vitally important to inspect your siding often. If you notice any of these signs, don’t be afraid to call in the experts at A-Top Roofing and Construction. We will not hesitate in performing a thorough inspection of your siding and determining if it needs replacing. We carry the #1 vinyl siding brand for 21 consecutive years, CertainTeed™! Our most popular brand, Cedar Impressions™ is a polymer vinyl siding with high performance features such as: re-enforced nail slots, molded perimeter Lock® and HammerTapper® to ensure you enjoy the look of your home for many years. A-Top and their customers also like the lifetime warranty that comes with all Cedar Impressions™ products.

For more information on our siding products and services, give us a call at (732) 446-6341 or visit our website at