learn about how to protect your home from storms and weather in New Jersey

Weather and It’s Effects on Your Home – A Q&A About How to Protect Your Home

Here in New Jersey, a homes’ age can be directly affected by how well it is protected against the elements. Weather, storms, heavy rain and even the snowy winters all play an important factor on our homes age. So what can you do to protect your home and the resale value of the home as an asset? We will explore those topics and more and hopefully give you clear understanding of how to keep your home from prematurely aging itself.

How old is your home?

The average age of a home in Central New Jersey is 32 years old according to the association of realtors. The best age to buy a home is when you can comfortably afford the payments and tackle the repairs and maintenance. After the first 10-15 years, a home starts to age and show signs of wear and tear. From fading roofs to leaky doors and windows, eventually you will need to repair or replace all major components of a home between the 20-, 25- and 30-year mark including the roof, gutters, siding, doors and windows.

How well is the outside of your home protecting the inside?

Starting at the top, a roof in working order is the main line of defense against water intrusion. The gutters should also be in good working order. Roof leaks in the attic, ceilings areas showing signs of leaks, or even water in the basement means your house needs repair or maintenance as your roofing system is beginning to fail.

remember to inspect your roof for storm damage after a big storm

What about the age of my roof?

Heavy rain, winds and storm damage can wreak havoc on a roof. In New Jersey, Especially in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we often find ourselves in the direct line of fire when it comes to storms. Keeping your roof maintained and checking for damage after storms is important. Always try to view damage from the ground level by walking around the home from a distance. Never go on the roof if it can be avoided. If you have damage, contact us and we can perform a thorough inspection for damage. 

What about the age of my gutters?

We have seen that gutters that are not well-maintained often do not work as they should. Gutters can become loose, preventing water from flowing freely through the downspouts. And many times, water is not properly directed away from the house and ends up traveling down into the basement or crawlspace. Water infiltration into the home can lead to mold and mildew. When black mold appears, it can have a direct impact on your health or those in your family.

What about Timing? When is the best time to repair your home?

The best time to repair your home is before storm season begins. In New Jersey, there is a swell of summertime roofing projects in anticipation of hurricane season which lasts from August and can extend through November. There is also plenty of time to replace your roof or gutter system in fall before the winter. If the winter is mild, roofing and gutter projects can be done throughout the winter. Springtime in New Jersey has long been the most popular time to get your roof and gutters repaired or replaced.

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