Englert Gutters are a perfect addition to your home

A-Top Roofing and Englert Gutters – A Perfect Combination for Your Home

Year after year, your gutters are called into action to keep rain and storm water away from your home and it’s foundation. Although your home’s gutters may have performed well over the decades, every gutter system has an expiration date.

Gutters prevent a host of potentially expensive moisture related problems which can affect your homes eves, attic, structure and basement. And if the problems are persistent, mold will start to appear which is hazardous to your overall health, as well as your pocketbook. When your gutters are not functioning properly, it is important that you notice the warning signs to avoid costly repairs to your home.

Signs your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

Cracked Gutters – If your gutters are cracked, they are pretty much useless. Large cracks are often visible anytime, but during a storm smaller cracks will also reveal themselves. No matter how large or small the cracks, consider replacing your gutters as age has finally rendered them ineffective.

Unlevel or Warped Gutter Systems – From the weight of being clogged or just wear and tear over time, gutter problems occur at the gutter’s weakest points: the seams. These cracks and breaks at the seams can be repaired over the lifespan of the gutters, but they will eventually need to be replaced. With the introduction of seamless gutters, these weak points disappear entirely, avoiding the problem altogether. You should consider replacing your old system for a new seamless getter system from Englert when the time comes.

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Damage to your Home – As your gutters fail, other areas of the home are affected by the intrusion of water. When water can cascade over the top of gutters, exterior wood elements like window sills, door jams, and exterior trim will trap water and prematurely age your home.

Mildew Makes an Appearance – When you start to see mildew, it is a sure sign of water penetrating the home during a storm. Mold and mildew can impact the health of your home and your family; once found it should be removed by a professional and the source of the water should be located and addressed immediately!

PRO TIP – Gutter maintenance is critical. Regular maintenance of your gutters will help them last longer and do their job correctly. Keeping your gutters free of leaves and other debris is key. Did you know A-Top can install Englert gutters that offer guards to protect against clogged gutters?

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Englert Gutters come in many styles to perfectly complement your home's aesthetic

Styles and Design

Englert has a family of products that are endless. A-Top uses Englert Gutters because of the bold new colors, easy installation process and lasting value for your home. The trends are not only based on color, but materials as well. Mixing and matching materials allows you to make areas of your home stand out and can give your home a greater retail value as well as an increase in protection from storms.

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