Doors and Windows – Selection, Price and Performance – 5 Tips

A-Top Roofing and Construction is your complete source for selection, pricing, and brand names for replacement doors and windows in Central New Jersey.

Offering the best selection in doors and windows, A-Top Roofing and Construction has an extensive selection of bay windows, box windows, single and double hung windows, custom windows and transoms to choose from.

Here are a few tips to remember when replacing the windows and doors of your home:

  1. Always hire a reputable contractor who is fully licensed and insured.
  2. Remember when getting a price quote, cheaper is not always better. Hire a contractor who has the knowledge to explain the benefits of many products.
  3. Be careful of hidden costs! Does your quote include variables about hidden damage or removal and disposal of existing doors and windows?
  4. Timeliness – Hire a contractor who can put you on a schedule where you can be assured the job can be done in a timely fashion, usually in one day!
  5. Ratings – Be sure to hire a contractor who has a great reputation and reviews on multiple sites like Angies List, and is rated with BBB!

Compliment the look of your home with energy efficient doors and windows professionally installed by A-Top Roofing and Construction. We offer a variety of door and window replacement options to fit the look and style of your home and your budget.






Replacing your doors and windows has never been so easy. Our certified installers will professionally install your new doors and windows and will remove and dispose of your old ones. A-Top Roofing and Construction will look at the existing trim on the inside and outside of the windows to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. All replacement products come with a warranty, including the warranty on labor.

To learn more about replacing your doors and windows, and to get a free price quote click here!


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  1. I’m glad that yo mention hiring a contractor that is able to create a schedule where to job is done in a timely fashion. This would be important to ensure you can get your window as soon as possible. When choosing one, you’d probably want to research local contractors and call them so that you can ask questions about their services and availability in order to find one that can provide you with the type of window you want.

  2. It really helped when you talked about how to find a good contractor. My favorite part is when you talked about looking for someone who will be able to explain well the process and materials to you instead of relying on the price. I think that is true because it will give me the assurance that the installation will be of good quality. We need to get our doors replaced because they have been damaged by the hurricane last time. Thanks!

  3. My sister accidentally broke the windows in her apartment when she threw a basketball and she wants to have it repaired right away. It was explained here that it’s important to hire a reputable contractor that’s licensed and insured. Having said that, it’s recommended to hire professional window contractors for quality work.

  4. I like how you mentioned that reputation would always come first when hiring out a contractor since it shows how much work they’ve done in this particular field. Another thing to look out for is their ability to quote a price list since they’re the ones who’re supposed to know how much their services go. If I had a better understanding of the services of the installation company then I would make sure to hire them after a thorough screening process.

  5. This is some really good information about window repair. I liked that you explained that you should get a good contractor to help you get new ones or repair it. That is great to know because I am considering getting new windows this year.

  6. One of the things to keep in mind when hiring door installation contractors is to check their price quotes since you would want to make the most out of what you would be paying them. Another thing is to check out previous ratings as well as potential payment systems since you might only have a credit card on you and it would have to be swiped for the agreed payment. If I had the chance to have a door installed I would want to make sure that the person doing the installing is competent and properly licensed before letting them do what they have to with my front door.

  7. I liked that you mentioned you need to consider hiring a reputable contractor with the proper license and insurance. My husband and I are thinking about replacing the windows at my mother’s home, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about your recommendations to help him choose the right contractor for the job.

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