This checklist is the perfect guide to help you in preparing your home, connecting with a contractor and expectations for the home roof replacement.

Homeowner Checklist for your Home Roof Replacement

Do you plan to replace and possibly upgrade your current roof? Preparing for this major home improvement project will ensure a better outcome, especially when it comes to the details. This checklist is the perfect guide to help you in preparing your home, connecting with a contractor and setting expectations for your home roof replacement.

Connecting with a Roofing Contractor

The roofing contractor will come to your house to examine the existing roof conditions and look at the project details to accurately quote the project and become familiar with the work conditions.

  • They will walk the perimeter of the home to see areas that need protection and areas to avoid.
  • They will search out exterior outlets for using power tools – in certain circumstances, they might obtain power through the garage or an open window.
  • Discuss the dates and coordinate materials and a dumpster to remove existing roof material, if needed.
  • Verify the correct materials, color, brand has been delivered to the project site.

Scheduling Your Home Roof Replacement

Schedule tasks in advance and make sure you follow local laws and work with a professional roofing company like A-Top Roofing and Construction who can get all the required work permits in a timely fashion so there is no delay when it comes to project timing.

It is also important to schedule the removal of items on the roof in advance, like satellite dishes and solar panels.

Preparing Your Homes Exterior

The roofing company will have a full crew on-site and they will be creating a mess. The more you clean, clear and protect, the better the outcome of the project.

  • Protect outdoor lighting, water features, yard art, and bird baths from falling debris.
  • Move patio furniture, barbecue grills, and children’s toys away from the house perimeter.
  • Take down wind chimes, flags and other home decorations.
  • Mow the lawn – This will help in the cleanup if the debris is easy to spot.
  • Mark sprinkler heads near the house with orange tape or red flags so the roofing crew can easily spot them.
  • Take photos before the project begins in case there is an issue down the road.
  • The roofing company you hire may cover the landscaping with tarps or cloth to protect flowers and shrubs from getting damaged.
  • Move your cars into the street so the roofing crew has access to the driveway for a dumpster.
Once the home roof replacement is complete and the clean-up is finished, make sure you are satisfied with the work.

For the Homes Interior

Roofing is not only messy, but also noisy. Walls will vibrate, windows will rattle and thumping will occur throughout the project.

  • Cover items in the attic with a tarp or cloth.
  • Put a drop cloth on the floor of the attic to isolate falling particles and debris.
  • Remove or secure TV’s, mirrors, china cabinets, artwork and other valuable attached to the walls.
  • If you work from home – consider alternative arrangements.
  • Prepare the pets and make daycare arrangements for the kids to visit friends or family.
  • If you go offsite, remain in easy contact with the roofing contractor for questions if they arise.
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After the Home Roof Replacement

Once the home roof replacement is complete and the clean-up is finished, make sure you are satisfied with the work. Here is the checklist of items you can do when the job completed.

  • Make sure you have the warranty information on your new roof.
  • Inspect the property to make sure the clean up is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Use binoculars to visually inspect the roof while you are safely on the ground.
  • Contact your contractors to re-install any satellite dishes or solar panel s that were previously removed.

It can be an exciting time to have your roof replaced! If you are prepared, the experience will run smoother and be less stressful. And always remember, if you love the service, leave a 5-Star rating for the roofing company.

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