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The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Homeowners are not always familiar with the issues that can arise from clogged gutters, but there are many. If water is not able to flow freely through your gutters and away from your home, damage can result in several different locations, from your roofing to your foundation. There are many reasons you should get your gutters cleaned out. Here is a look at some of those reasons.

Roof Damage

When your gutters are clogged with leaves, there is no room for water to flow. When water fills inside the gutter, it can flow over at the roofline. This results in cracked or damaged roof shingles. A cracked roof will allow water to penetrate through the cracks and into the home. Often the damage left behind involves costly repairs, including a rotten roof, damaged trusses and plywood, ruined insulation, and sheetrock damage. A clean gutter allows water to flow freely which allows the water to be directed off the roof and away from the home.

Overflowing Gutters Can Damage Landscaping

One of the first signs your gutters are clogged is hearing the water spill over the roof and pooling on patios and landscaped areas surrounding the home. You can easily damage the landscaping and plants by essentially drowning them. Standing water around the foundation of a home will eventually find its way to the lowest point of the home, which can lead to basement flooding or mold issues.

A-Top Roofing and Construction offers gutter cleaning services for our customers in Monmouth County, Northern Ocean County and parts of Middlesex County, NJ.

Damage to Brackets

Clogged gutters can fill with water and the weight of the water can damage the gutters and their brackets. Gutters can start to sag, pitch, or even fall from the weight. When the bracket fails, the gutter can fall from the facia and create even more damage to your home.

Pest Infestation

When gutters are filled with leaves, it becomes an ideal location for birds, insects, and small rodents to find and make a nest. Often these creatures eventually move from the gutter system and find a way into your home. A clogged gutter is one of the main reasons pests infiltrate into a home. With proper cleaning, you reduce the risk of pest infestation into your gutters and home.

Damage to Facia

The facia is the board that is behind the gutter system. This board can become damaged when the gutter is clogged with leaves. The facia of your home is a vital part of your home and gutter system.

Cracks in Foundation

When water flows over the top of clogged gutters, it can pool around the home’s foundation. As winter approaches, the water that freezes in and around the foundation will expand (much like an ice cube in an ice cube tray). When the water expands, it can generate cracks in your foundation which leads to bigger problems for the basement or slab of the home.

Wet & Moldy Basement

Leading water away from the home is vital to the overall health of your home. When gutters are clogged, the water does not run away from the home and eventually finds its way into the basement. If the rain is severe, flooding in the basement is likely. If the water is not removed from the basement, it can turn to mold which is not only bad for the home, but bad for the occupants of the home as well.

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Gutter Cleaning Services by A-Top Roofing & Construction

We also understand the need to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris. A-Top Roofing and Construction offers gutter cleaning services for our customers in Monmouth County, Northern Ocean County and parts of Middlesex County, NJ.

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