Do I Need a New Roof? How to Determine if You Need Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

Age is an important factor in determining if you need a roof replacement or can get by with repairing it. If your roof is not very old and you spot a few loose or damaged shingles, you may be able to replace them. Older homes that have more extensive damage over a larger area may need an entire roof replacement.

The key is a roof inspection done by professionals. A-Top Roofing and Construction has a team dedicated to finding where the damage is coming from and what steps need to be taken to protect your home and your family.

So what does roof damage look like? Here are a few things to look out for:

Attic Leaks

You should check your attic after a heavy rain or severe storm. Do you see wet spots? This could indicate a leak and failure of some shingles or failure of the underlayment. It could also mean there is a failure in the plywood or flashing.

Peeling Paint/ Nail Pops

Poor ventilation or roof leaks can appear inside the house. Nails popping or peeling paint can be a sign there is moisture in the attic.

Ceiling / Wall Stains

Leaks that appear inside the home at the ceiling can mean moisture is being trapped in the attic. Roof failure that makes its way to the ceiling can lead to more damage including stained ceilings and walls or even worse, mold and mildew.


Sheathing Decay

One issue that can arise with poor ventilation is sheathing decay. Sheathing (also called decking) is the layer of plywood that forms the foundation of your roof system. Sagging ceilings, broken gutters, leaks or missing patched of shingles are all signs your sheathing might be damaged.

Shingle Damage

When a home is roughly 20 years old, the roof shingles might be coming to the end of their useful life. Broken, loose, brittle, or cured shingles all mean it is time for a roof replacement. A-Top Roofing and Construction offers the best roofing products with the best warranty in the business.

Dark Streaks

It may look like dirt, but the darker staining on your roof shingles may be moss, lichen, or algae. This may not require a new roof. But if you do need a new roof, A-Top Roofing offers products that are super resistant to and add superior protection from staining and algae.

About A-Top Roofing & Construction

No matter what your issues may be, A-Top Roofing & Construction is dedicated to protecting your family. Located in Manalapan, NJ, A-Top Roofing has earned a reputation for beautifying homes throughout the Central Jersey area for over 30 years. We service Monmouth County, parts of Middlesex County and Northern Ocean County. Our full range of services include roofing, siding, gutters, windows, skylights, and mold remediation.

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