remember to inspect your roof for storm damage after a big storm

Storm Damage to Your Roof: Signs You May Need Roof Repairs or Replacement

As hurricane season approaches, homeowners must be aware that the high winds and heavy rain storms bring can do serious damage to your roof, especially here in the Northeast. When storms occur, homeowners should make it a habit to inspect their roof or call in a professional if they suspect storm damage.

Rain alone can damage a roof, but when you add high winds and flying debris or hail to the mix, your roof can sustain significant damage. Although it may be temping to climb up on your roof, A-Top recommends against this whenever possible. Always try to assess storm damage from the ground level if possible. You can even use sports binoculars to see more detail.

Most Frequent Signs of Storm Damage

  1. Missing Shingles – Roof systems that already have cracked or peeling roof shingles are most susceptible to being lost during storms, especially if it brings high winds. If your roof is newer, the warranty may cover you in the event of damage.
  2. Visible Water Inside the Home – Most visible leaks found inside the home are most likely due to the result of high winds during a storm. Both shingles and the roof underlayment may be compromised and are allowing water to penetrate into the attic areas and down into the home.
  3. Granular Loss – Some granular loss is normal, especially in new roofs. During a storm, granular loss creates horizontal lines which indicates the shingle seal is broken. Granular loss is common as shingles flap in the wind and could also cause cracking.
  4. Loose Debris – After a storm or hurricane, if there is loose debris in the yard, it could indicate that loose debris may have struck the roof and damaged it. If there is a large storm/hurricane that causes lots of debris, an inspection by the pros at A-Top Roofing and Construction is highly recommended.

PRO TIP! – Gutter maintenance is critical for the health of your roof, especially during storms and hurricanes. Regular maintenance of your gutters will help them last longer and do their job correctly. Keeping your gutters free of leaves and other debris is key.

A Word about Insurance…

Homeowners Insurance covers your home and personal property in the event of a covered loss, which includes damage from hurricane winds. All policies vary, but a roof replacement is typically covered if it is caused by a sudden act of nature or sudden accidental event. Most homeowners’ policies will not pay to replace or repair a roof that has gradually deteriorated over time. We recommend you contact your insurance company immediately once you learn you may have storm damage.

Why A-Top Roofing and Construction to Replace or Repair Your Roof?

A-Top Roofing and Construction has been replacing and repairing roofs for over 35 years. A family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on providing affordable roofing services and some of the best warranties in the business. If you are looking to see some of the homes we have done in your neighborhood, click here! or call (732) 446-6341.

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