Ensure your roof is ready for any inclement weather that hurricane season brings with a proper roof inspection by A-Top Roofing.

A Proper Roof Inspection is the Key to Storm Preparation for New Jersey Shore Areas

Here at the Jersey Shore, your roof is the main protection for your family during extreme weather events. Scheduling a professional roof inspection is especially important at this time of year in Central NJ as we approach hurricane season. If you suspect there may be a problem with your current roof, it is better to find out before an extreme storm event than after. A well maintained roof is paramount as hurricane season approaches and storm preparation becomes more important.

How Roofing Inspections Save You Money

If you wait for visible damage to your roof, it may be too late. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, maintaining your roof is the single most important factor for determining the lifespan of your current roof.

If you find and fix minor repairs now, you can also extend the life of your roof. Hiring a professional roof inspector may be the first step in determining if you have a problem with your roof. Determining where the problem is and the best possible solutions for a roof replacement or roof repairs requires a professional.

What Your Roof Inspection May Uncover

Some storm damage might be easy to spot. Spots on your ceiling or tree damage on your roof are clear signs your roof may be in trouble. But what about more subtle clues? Roofers are trained to spot small signs of roof damage that can appear years before trouble starts. Identifying problems now before your home must withstand potential storms, high winds or even hurricanes with high winds and heavy amounts of rain is critical.

One of the many signs of an aging roof is when you lose the granules on older asphalt shingles. A-Top Roofing and Construction is trained to fully inspect your home’s roof system to spot signs of early damage or if your roof needs a to be replaced.

Three Key Elements of a Roof Inspection

Surface Inspection – The surface of your current roof will tell a story about its age and expected life cycle. Does your roof have mossy areas, missing shingles, cracked or curling shingles? A good roof inspection will include a gutter inspection to see if the granules are coming off the roof and settling in the gutters – a major sign of wear and tear.

Structural Inspection – Is your roof sagging? Roofing pros like A-Top Roofing and Construction are specifically trained to see if there might be underlying damage that has already started to affect the structure of your house.

Areas of your home roofing inspections usually include:

  • Gutter Systems
  • Facia
  • Soffits
  • Chimneys
  • Vents
  • Skylights

Interior Inspection – Your home’s interior also can tell the story about the health of your roofing system. A-Top Roofing will check for proper roof ventilation, sagging or stained ceilings, or signs of moisture in the attic or interior walls.

Need a Roof Inspection from A-Top Roofing & Construction?

If you are unsure if there is damage your roof or if you feel your roof needs to be replaced, call A-Top Roofing and Construction, Manalapan, NJ for an inspection at (732) 446-6341, or schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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